KudoTV KD1 Plus Android TV Box Review

Smart TVs are pretty expensive nowadays. So many people prefer just buying a good Android TV box and connecting it to a “regular TV”. There are many cheap TV boxes out there, but they are not as powerful as devices like KudoTV KD1 Plus (Amazon link). Today I will review this device and compare it with similar TV boxes as well.

Technical Details – Power 5/5

KudoTV KD1 Plus is a very powerful device. It supports 4K streaming and playback – and that’s great if you have a 4K TV screen. The video

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quality is really amazing. The Amlogic S812 processor is very fast – and thanks to it this device can run pretty much any Android app or game. You can use it as a “gaming console” as well. Just buy a wireless gamepad and you are ready to go ! There are thousends of great Android games you can download for free.

I do have to mention that while this device is very powerful, it’s not the most powerful one out there. In my opinion – the KAT-TV (Amazon link) is the best Android TV box available today. It’s amazingly powerful.

Setup Process And Usage

KudoTV KD1 Plus is very easy to install. Just connect it to your TV using a simple HDMI cable, login to your Google account and that’s it. The device comes with some apps pre-installed (one of them is Kodi), and you can install other apps you want in seconds. There are tens of thousneds of great Android apps offered for free.

KudoTV KD1 Plus

Wireless Keyboard

This device comes with a simple remote control, as well as a great wireless keyboard (with touchpad – very useful). Most Android TV boxes out there don’t come with a “free” wireless keyboard. So KudoTV saved you some money.

Similar Android TV Boxes

There are hundreds of different Android TV boxes. Not all of them are as powerful as KD1 Plus. I think that the SkyStreamX 4 (Amazon link) is a great alternative. It supports 4K as well.

SkyStreamX 4 Streaming Media PlayerView On Amazon
SkyStreamX 4 Streaming Media Player
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On our website you can find many other Android TV box reviews. We tested and reviewed tens of different devices. We hope that our reviews will help you choose the best TV box for your needs.

I hope you liked my KudoTV KD1 review. If you have any questions – feel free to comment below.

KudoTV KD1 Plus
Written by: ReviewBez
4.8 / 5 stars


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