MINIX NEO U1 Android TV Box Review

The MINIX NEO U1 is a very popular Android TV box. Thousands of people worldwide use it a streaming device. This time I will review it and also mention some of the alternatives. There are many of them, so I will sort everything out for you.


In my opinion, it’s important to choose a powerful Android TV box, escpeailly if you plan on watching/streaming 4K videos/movies, playing Android games etc.. MINIX NEO U1  is one of the most powerful devices in it’s price category. It features the Cortex A53 quad core processes as well as the Mali 450 GPU. You can watch Full HD movies on it without any problem. It works really smoothly and it’s really fast. No lags or anything like that. 

If you need a more powerful Android TV box – I highly recommend cheeking out the Kat-TV Elite (Amazon link) Android TV Box. It’s amazingly powerful and gets really great ratings and reviews online. You won’t find any better TV box in it’s price range. Really amazing device. I even reviewed it on our website.

MINIX NEO U1 Android TV Box
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Gaming Console

Since MINIX NEO U1 runs the Android operating system – you can install pretty much any Android game on this device. Android is a very popular OS, and tens of thousends of game were developed for it. Many of them can be downloaded for free. And even those that cost money – are very cheap, few dollars each. Games for consoles like Xbox cost much more. You can also buy a wireless game control for your MINIX NEO U1, I would definitely recommend doing that if you are a gamer. This device comes with a nice remote control (for web browsing and movie watching) – but it’s not ideal for gaming.


This Android TV box supports 2.4GHz as well as 5.0GHz WIFI networks. That’s a huge advantage – as long as you have a router that supports dual band networks. 5.0GHz is a much better frequency for movie/video streaming. The difference is really noticeable in some cases.


Value For Money

MINIX NEO U1 delivers a lot of value for the price. It’s a great Android TV box that has a lot to offer. It’s powerful, easy to use and in my opinion – reasonbly priced. You can find many cheaper TV boxes online. But they are not as powerful or as good. Since most people buy an Android TV box only once (since they work for many years) – I recommend taking a powerful and well working one. You really don’t to find yourself with a laggish device that you can do nothing with.

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I hope you will find my MINIX NEO U1 review helpful. You can also read and check out other Android TV box reviews on our website. We tested many of them in the last few month, and we hope that it will help you choose the best device for your needs.

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