NEXBOX A95X Pro Android TV Box Review

This time I will review a popular and great Android TV box called NEXBOX A95X. I got many messages and comments from you asking to check this device out – and I must say that I am very surprised – it works really well for the price. Here is my full review :


NEXBOX A95X Pro is pretty powerful. It features the ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and ARM Mali-450 GPU. Both are powerful and will allow you to easily watch Full HD videos and movies, as well as 4K. I came across much more expensive TV boxes in the past that used the same GPU – and I can tell you for sure it’s very good. It’s no wonder that so many companies choose it. Take the Pigflytech Ti6 (Amazon link) as an example – the GPU is the same, but the CPU is more powerful (this device is really good as well, and it’s extremely popular). NEXBOX A95X Pro also has 2GB of RAM which is very important for multi tasking and running heavy apps.


If you need a much more powerful TV box and can afford it – I definitely recommend checking out the Kukele media player (Amazon link). It’s one of the best Android TV boxes out there. It’s super powerful and great for watching 4K videos, as well as playing games.

Operating System

NEXBOX A95X Pro runs the Android operating system. The version is 6.0 – which considered very stable and much better than the previous versions which many TV boxes still run. There are tens of thousands of free Android apps you can install on this device, including games. Android is the best operating system for TV boxes, don’t be tempted to buy cheaper devices that run generic operating systems.

Ease Of Use

NEXBOX A95X Pro is as easy to use as a smartphone since it runs Android. Just connect it to your TV and to the power, and you can start using it right away. There are many settings you can access, or just use the default ones if you are not an advanced user. The box also comes with different apps pre-installed, saving you time.

Remote Control

NEXBOX A95X comes with a basic remote control – but you can easily “upgrade” it by buying a wireless keyboard – they are very cheap these days online. I highly recommend doing so, one of my favorite wireless keyboards is Rii i8+ (Amazon link), it’s amazing ! It even has a built-in touch pad that acts as a mouse. It’s not suprsiing that tens of thousands of people around the world use it !


You will be able to download and play many different Android games on this device. Keep in mind that this device may not be able to run heavy or all 3D games. If that’s what you are looking for – check out other more powerful devices. But still, most games will work perfectly well on this device – so if you are not a heavy gamer – it is more than good enough. You can easily connect Bluetooth gaming controller to it.

Value For Money

In my opinion – NEXBOX A95X Pro provides good value for your money. It is a great Android TV box and it works amazingly well. For its price – you can’t go wrong here. This device is popular now, and I am sure that in the future even more people will use it.Sure there are many other, more powerful devices – but they are in a different price cateogry. Not all people need a super powerful TV box – and for those – NEXBOX A95X Pro is perfect !

I hope you found this review useful. You can also check out other Android TV Box reviews on our website.

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