XBMCMart T8 Android TV Box Review

Smart TVs are expensive, and don’t offer as much options as Android TV boxes do. That’s why these devices became so popular in the last few years. Today I will review a powerful and popular Android TV box called XBMCMart T8 Plus.


As you may already know – there are many cheap Android TV boxes online. Most of them are not powerful and can’t handle nearly as much as XBMCMart T8 Plus can. This Android TV box features the Amlogic S802 CPU and Mali 450 (a widely used, powerful GPU that supports 4K playback). It can smoothly play Full HD movies, 4K, and run pretty much any Android app you can think of. Even heavy games like GTA can be played on this device (not on the highest graphic settings. So do keep that in mind). Another great Android TV box for video streaming and gaming is MINIX NEO U1 (Amazon link). I like it very much as well.

XBMCMart T8 Plus
XBMCMart T8 Plus

If you need a much more powerful Android TV box – check out Minix Neo X8H Plus (Amazon link). In my opinion – it’s one of the best Android TV boxes available. It’s extremely powerful and offers so many options ! No wonder it receives ratings so good online.


This Android TV box has dual band WIFI antenna. That means you can connect it to 2.4GHz and 5GHz WIFI networks. The higher the band is, the better video streaming you get (most of the times. There are other factors of course). For Internet browsing and online games – 2.4GHz is good enough. If you have a regular router without 5GHz, that’s fine.

Operating System

Most Android TV boxes run the Android operating system. XBMCMart T8 runs the 4.4 version of it (KitKat). This version is stable and works perfectly. There are tens of thousends of great and free Android games and apps you can download online. Install them on your device within minutes. XBMCMart T8 Plus does come with some apps (like Kodi and YouTube) pre-insatlled. That definitely saves you some time. The device comes ready to use out of the box pretty much.

Setup And Ease Of Use

It’s very easy to install and configure Android TV boxes. It usually only takes few minutes. Plug the device to the electricity, connect it to the TV using a HDMI cable, and that’s it. Now you just need to login to your Google account and the device is ready. If you still encounter any problems – check out tutorial videos on YouTube. I think many of them are really clear and useful !

Remote Control

XBMCMart T8 comes with a fairly simple remote control. I recommend upgrading and buying the Rii i8 wireless keyboard. It’s used by tens of thousends worldwide. In my opinion – it’s the best wireless keyboard (+remote control) for TV boxes. Works perfectly. You can find other wireless keyboards online – choose the one that fits your needs better. I also really like Logitech’s wireless keyboards-  they are very good.


Overall, the XBMCMart T8 Plus is a great device that has a lot to offer. It provides great value for the money, and i’m not surprised it’s popular. If you are looking to buy a great Android TV box – defiantly consider buying this one.

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