Michael Kors MK8077 Review

Michael Kors wrist watches are very popular worldwide. The company makes “fashion watches”, with great designs and fairly good movements. Today I will review and tell you about the Michael Kors MK8077 (Amazon link) men’s watch.


Michael Kors is a fashion brand, not a professional watch manufacturer. Because of that, they don’t use in-house movements. Don’t get me wrong – that’s not a bad thing. Actually, even luxury watch brands sometimes use movements made by different companies. Michael Kors chooses to use movements made by “professionals”, so they can focus on what they do best – design.

The Michael Kors MK8077 watch features a quartz movement – it’s very accurate. Since this watch does not feature an automatic movement, you don’t have to wear it daily to keep it working. It uses a battery that should last many months. If you would buy a watch with automatic movement, it would stop “ticking” after a day or two of you not wearing it.

Make sure to also check the silver version of this watch – Michael Kors MK8086 (Amazon link). It looks very nice as well. Many people don’t like “gold tone” watches because they are to bold for daily usage.

Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Price at Amazon
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Price at Amazon


Michael Kors MK8077 is a gorgeous watch and it looks really unique and nice. The company really knows how to make beautiful watches. The gold tine gives this wrist watch a premium look, but you can still wear it on daily basis – no problem with that. Very impressive design. As I mentioned before, there is also a silver version of this watch. It looks pretty good as well.

The case size is 44mm – and it makes this watch “bigger than average”. As you probably noticed, many people really like big watches, they are impressive !

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View On Amazon

Build Quality

The build quality of Michael Kors mens runway chronograph MK8077 is great. Of course you can not compare it to watch made by a Swiss company and costs much more, but for the price – it’s great. The gold coating is good.

Water Resistance

This watch is water resistant to 330 feet (that’s 100 meters) – so you can shower with it or go swimming (not diving), not a problem at all.

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Overall, I think the MK8077 watch delivers great value for your money. It’s design is nice and unieqe, and the gold tone gives it an impressive look. If you are looking for a good looking men’s wrist watch – defiantly consider buying it. UIf you need a more “classic” looking watch – check out or Orient FDB08005W review.

Michael Kors MK8077
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